Baby Toren | a fresh modern newborn session | Saratoga NY family photographer

Saratoga Newborn photographer, fresh, modern, natural

Not sure if they’d be able to have a baby, this couple was absolutely thrilled when they learned they’d be expecting shortly after their wedding last spring (check it out here)! Against all odds, baby Toren arrived a little petite but perfectly helpful, and adorable beyond measure. He’s a super content, happy little man with glowing […]

Saratoga Newborn Photographer | Baby J

natural newborn photos by saratoga newborn photographer makayla jade

This little man already has so much spunk and personality, its adorable!  I loved bright yellow quilt (handmade from grandma!) Its so special incorporating special elements into these photos, when you look back on them- it will be so much more meaningful than just your standard “portrait studio props”   Such a ham! hanging with […]

See the Light! A workshop on finding the perfect lighting for your portraits | Saratoga Family Photographer


Above all else, my number one priority when choosing location, composition, even posing.. is LIGHT.  The only way to achieve breathtaking photos is by developing the ability to identify light, and use it to your advantage to create pure beauty.You can use lighting to tell a story, set the emotion of a photo, and accentuate […]

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Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

Blake 27

As a mom and a photographer, the images and videos of my kids on the day they were born are priceless. Those first few precious moments fade so quickly. There is a lot going on during the birth…excitement, exhaustion and a full range of other emotions. All of it clouds your memory, making that precious […]

Displaying your Family Photos with Wall Galleries!


Wall galleries are all the rage now and for good reason! Who wants a bunch of their family’s memories sitting in an overstuffed, unorganized pile at the bottom of a shoebox? You either took the photo yourself or had someone else do it for you so you could remember and look back on it, right? Then […]

Take a family photo, you never know when it will be your last.


Its taken some time for me to gather my words on this topic, as our family was recently struck with tragedy.  A hole that will never be filled, a pain in our hearts that will never be dulled.  Nicole was only 24 when she was stripped from her life, our lives, our childrens’ lives.  Each […]

Labor Day at the Lake House


There’s nothing like a family get-together for me to sneak in some fun family shots! Can we say future modeling career?! I think she’s got the moves down.Nothing lights up my world more than this. The perfect salesmen in training!  And their first victim! On over to the girls who were having an awesome time […]

Take Better Photos of your Kids NOW!


Let’s face it, it’s impossible to hire a professional photographer to be on-call 24-7 to catch all of those funny, quirky, and emotional moments. Most parents just want to learn to take better photos of their kids during their day-to-day activities. So how can you at least improve your photos to provide your family with […]

Someday: Our Family’s Bittersweet Milestones


Lia loves reading books. When she’s sad or upset, I distract her by saying “let’s go pick a book out.” It’s like offering her candy. She instantly snuffles the tears, and a smile comes across her face. I love reading books with her. Recently, she has wanted to turn the pages herself, and reading went from […]

Life is Messy, and So Are Kids


So you scheduled a family photo session and now you’re freaking out about what your kids will do and how they’ll act!  You’re not alone!   Remember, kids are KIDS! Don’t get crazy about messy faces, fussy babies, or playrooms.  Life is hectic and messy.  Embrace it!  Kids are disasters.  No, seriously!     All kids […]