The Harris Family


Take a family photo, you never know when it will be your last.


Its taken some time for me to gather my words on this topic, as our family was recently struck with tragedy.  A hole that will never be filled, a pain in our hearts that will never be dulled.  Nicole was only 24 when she was stripped from her life, our lives, our childrens’ lives.  Each […]

Labor Day at the Lake House


There’s nothing like a family get-together for me to sneak in some fun family shots! Can we say future modeling career?! I think she’s got the moves down.Nothing lights up my world more than this. The perfect salesmen in training!  And their first victim! On over to the girls who were having an awesome time […]

Someday: Our Family’s Bittersweet Milestones


Lia loves reading books. When she’s sad or upset, I distract her by saying “let’s go pick a book out.” It’s like offering her candy. She instantly snuffles the tears, and a smile comes across her face. I love reading books with her. Recently, she has wanted to turn the pages herself, and reading went from […]