Displaying your Family Photos with Wall Galleries!

14 October 2015


Wall galleries are all the rage now and for good reason! Who wants a bunch of their family’s memories sitting in an overstuffed, unorganized pile at the bottom of a shoebox? You either took the photo yourself or had someone else do it for you so you could remember and look back on it, right? Then why not display it?!


Wall galleries can be so much fun, and the best part is they are all completely unique!  The options are endless which can make it overwhelming when you get down to it. Here are some inspirational images we like to provide our clients to help them choose images they’d like to display. Sometimes all you need are a few good models to get those creative juices flowing for your own home!

blog-wall gallery

The best rule I like to tell my clients is to remember that your wall gallery should tell a story, not just ‘the best’ or your favorite shots, although it’s super tempting to do!

Also remember to mix things up! For example, don’t get stuck with all close-up shots of each person. A few close-ups, maybe some landscape shots that are significant, candid moments, and even small details will really help give your gallery tell a story, while make it appealing to your eye.

COLLECTION_5Don’t forget to consider your frames. They can have a big impact on the image you choose. Be sure to think about your taste and style, and of course, the room itself. Maybe you want to go with standard all black or all white frames, or maybe you want to mix it up a bit and keep a variety for a more eclectic feel. frame-selection

When it comes down to it, don’t leave your family’s memories in the dark. Celebrate and display them!Harris-022214-102739

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