Life is Messy, and So Are Kids

17 August 2015


So you scheduled a family photo session and now you’re freaking out about what your kids will do and how they’ll act!  You’re not alone!  

Remember, kids are KIDS!

Don’t get crazy about messy faces, fussy babies, or playrooms.  Life is hectic and messy.  Embrace it!  Kids are disasters.  No, seriously!


All kids have their moments, whether they are saying “the darnedest things” or posing in the cutest ways, or even those “other” moments that we as parents all deal with from time to time.


Kids don’t have an easy button when things get a little stressful. They know when mom and dad’s patience level is spent, so do yourself a favor and take a nice deep breath, let go, and try to have fun with your kids.


You want family photos that show your family as you are. I know I don’t want stuffy family photos where we all have coordinating outfits in perfectly pressed plaid.  Why?  Because IT’S. NOT. REAL. 


Life never actually happens that way, and if it does it’s the result of 2.5 hours of complete chaos for 30 seconds with a prayer for 1 good shot.

I’m over it. 


I want my family memories to be real, to speak the personalities of my children. 


When you spend too much time worrying about the perfect appearance of your kids, you lose way too many amazing opportunities to capture them just as they are, the way you will and want to remember them always. 


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