Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

20 October 2015

Blake 27

As a mom and a photographer, the images and videos of my kids on the day they were born are priceless. Those first few precious moments fade so quickly. There is a lot going on during the birth…excitement, exhaustion and a full range of other emotions. All of it clouds your memory, making that precious moment in your lives blur. Why not have someone capture those memories in the making? That’s what birth photographers do!


You don’t want to be making sure you get the camera out of your bag while you’re trying to brace yourself for another contraction.


When you’re in the moment, you want to be present; looking into your partner’s eyes for support, watching your baby take their first true breath of air, wiping your tears away as you officially welcome this new little person into your family.


Life moves fast and your kids grow faster. First you watch their tiny newborn hand wrap around your finger, and before you know it, it’s three years later, and they’re down the road on their bike or swimming in the neighbor’s pool!


They change and grow faster than you realize, so why not ensure that you can relive the day that made you a family?


I know a lot of people baulk at the thought of birth photography at first, especially first time parents.  Becoming parents is uncertain enough on its own, let alone having another person in there taking pictures! Let me assure you this is not National Geographic. Birth photography is a tasteful, beautiful way to forever preserve those precious moments that you will want to hold onto more than any other in your life. Birth photography captures the emotion and the story of your baby’s birth. You have the say of what you’d like documented. It’s your story and birth photographers will tell that story how you want it told.


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